Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

Anesthesiologist. Without proper anesthesiology, it would be impossible to serve surgical patients. Their lives would otherwise be under the threat. The main idea of an anesthesiologist is to minimize or eliminate the pain relief during the surgical treatment. One should have a doctorate degree in medicine and healthcare to join this field. The idea is to learn how to adjust the necessary drugs properly with no risks to the patient’s life. In a healthcare market today, a good anesthesiologist can count on the wages of $267,000 annually.

Surgeon. As an Anesthesiologist and surgeon usually work in team, it is easy to guess that their roles are almost equally important, and the salaries are approximately the same. In case of a professional surgeon, this number is estimated at $255,000 annually. Surgeons deal with dangerous diseases and disabilities. These physicians face high levels of stress as they should apply various tools and manual manipulations when treating the patient, and they are legally responsible for every life.

Obstetrician and gyno. Gynecologists are highly demanded as more and more female patients turn to their help due to such serious issues as breast cancer. Unfortunately, this disease is one of the most widespread and fatal across the globe. The primary focus of such doctor is a reproductive system. These experts from the healthcare industry earn around $208,000 annually. The unemployment rate is only 0.4%. The employment opportunities include hospitals, private sector, clinics, and government structures.

Psychiatrist. Unlike other colleagues of this professional mentioned before, psychiatrist deals with mental health and conditions. Mental issues can affect the physical health too, so that is why this profession is so popular. These experts should know how to detect, handle, and assist with preventing disorders of the mind. Their goal is to find the balance between physical and mental health as both are closely related. They typically earn $208,000 per year. A doctorate degree is required.

Physician. Another position from the healthcare industry, which role became bigger with the development of new virus, coronavirus. More and more people turn to the physicians today to pass the health test and take the necessary preventive measures as soon as possible. The main responsibility of this professional is to diagnose the illness and recommend the appropriate treatment. They have to conduct plenty of medical exams to detect the disease and complexity level. A physician may earn approximately $196,000 annually.

Dentist. Experts related to oral hygiene are always highly demanded and paid. They should possess at least doctorate degree. The average salary of a dentist is $175,800 annually. The main responsibility is to diagnose and take care of various dental problems, including both issues with teeth and mouth. They can recommend cleaning teeth, fixing problems with bite, taking specific medicine, etc. Their duty is to help patients develop a proper oral hygiene regime.

Petroleum engineer. For this degree, it is enough to have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and construction, but one should also have a solid working experience to get paid as much as $156,000 per year on the average. The responsibilities of this professional typically involve the development of plans necessary to drill in oil/gas fields, ensure the safety of procedures, create the necessary equipment and tools, set up the equipment properly, etc. As this industry is connected with oil and gas, it is well-paid.

Information technologies (IT) manager. Healthcare, engineering, and IT go hand in hand when it comes to perspective and well-paid jobs. To become an IT manager, one should obtain a degree in tech field. It is enough to graduate with the bachelor’s degree. The average annual wages are $152,800. This sort of managers have to plan and coordinate computer-based activities. Their mission is to define the IT needs of the company and recommend the necessary changes or updates. Sometimes, they serve as the system administrators for the entire organization.

Product manager. Product planning, design, and marketing are the major responsibilities of this professional. To release (launch) new product or feature, this expert should investigate the market to find out what’s in trend and come up with their own proposals and ideas. They should also target the audience properly and analyze the competitive market. After the release, it is up to the product manager to evaluate the success and promote the good properly. These important for every business people earn something around $117,000 per year.