When students finish their undergraduate education, the most frequently asked question they ask is: “Should I start postgraduate studying?”. It is worth noting that there are both cons and pros of postgraduate studying to take into account. Not everyone will be able to face the most common challenges and find solutions.

Pros and Cons of the Postgraduate Studying

The first reason why students should pursue postgraduate study is to increase their job prospects. Many American employers offer well-paid job positions for applicants with a master’s degree. This way postgraduate studying opens up new horizons for professional growth and career progress.

But weaknesses of the postgraduate study should be also taken into consideration. One of them is financial strain. Students should search for income sources to cover postgraduate costs. More pros and cons are described below.

Note! If you are thirsty for knowledge and really understand that the master’s degree will bring you absolutely new career pathways, it is better to consider postgraduate studying as the most suitable solution.

Postgraduate Studying – Pros

As can be seen, the most attractive advantage is unlimited job prospects. Among other benefits of the master’s degree are:

  • New professional horizons and career progress;
  • Higher qualifications and specializations;
  • New knowledge and improved prof skillsets;
  • New contacts, networking;
  • Opportunities to start your career in academic establishments.

Postgraduate Studying – Cons

The financial struggles are not the only disadvantage of postgraduate studying. There are other weak points that should be taken into account by the potential postgraduate students:

  • Time commitments;
  • Falling behind your peers;
  • Building professional credentials;

Attention! Postgraduate studying is recommended for those who really know the reasons to get a master’s degree. It can be a career in academia or professional progress. The more real are prospects, the fewer physical and mental challenges you will face.

How to Understand That You Need a Master’s Degree?

If you are still in doubt, take a closer look at the list of key reasons young undergraduate students are inspired by:

  1. The future magister might require further specialization.
  2. The student is searching for an improved professional network.
  3. The applicant is going to build a career in academia.
  4. The postgraduate student aims to find new job positions with higher salaries and prestige.

It is worth noting that self-motivation and self-organization should be also complemented with readiness to face possible challenges and solve them. If you become anxious about your postgraduate study and issues that might happen, take a look at the situational aspects where challenges and solutions are described.

The Most Common Challenges for the Postgraduate Students

The list can be almost unlimited but let’s discuss several common ones. The American postgraduate students face complicated application paperwork, building professional credentials, and managing their finances. It is rather difficult to cope with all the tasks and issues at once. That’s why we decided to provide you with helpful tips for your self-confidence.

Remember! The list of the most common challenges can be supplemented with the coronavirus reality when almost all classes should be attended online. But future magisters can take advantage of this situation because it is much easier to combine online education with household routines, hobbies, and even a part-time job to cover expenses.

Complicated Application Paperwork – What to Do?

It goes without saying that each educational establishment provides its own requirements. The student who is going to enter several schools at once should be ready for the paperwork. It can be rather exhausting to gather all needful certificates, documents, prepare resumes, and other papers. But keep in mind that all the answers can be got in the university admission office. You can ask them for some remote assistance or helpful recommendations on your paperwork.

Additionally, try to find postgraduates who have already received their masters’ diplomas. They have a good knowledge of application paperwork. Do not be shy to ask for help from your parents and former coursemates. By the way, use your undergraduate network to cope with the paperwork routine.

How to Build Professional Credential?

Some former students with the master’s degree complain that their diploma is useless and career prospects are not about them. You should note that severe competition always takes place in the American job market. But your master’s degree gives you extra career opportunities. If you are dreaming about self-employment, postgraduate study is not useful for sure. But if you are planning to conquer the top of the huge corporations or build a career in the academy, the master’s degree is your bigger minion!

Managing the Finances

Most postgraduate students are not able to work in full-time job positions because of a very busy schedule in higher school. But the solution for coverage of educational costs can become government support of American students. You can ask for financial support from the U.S. governmental structures. It is possible to find a part-job in the community organization or social projects and ask for postgraduate compensation (full or partly).

One more attractive variant for those who have already found a job is the study loans. You can pick sides with the most affordable variant for your educational purposes. Do not forget about scholarships that are provided by the range of American universities for future magisters (e.g. Georgetown University).