Contemporary e-learning platforms are the chance for any student to earn the desired degree without leaving home. All you have to do is to apply for the online program offered by the traditional, accredited university. First, it’s critical to decide on the major or degree. Also, one can make a list of courses that he or she would like to take. Look at the number of students enrolled, accessibility to resources such as research centers, and programs available when choosing an online college. Read reviews from both students and experts. For example, you can observe some of them below.

The University of Central Florida offers a perfect mix of programs for remote students. Also, such learners can count on valuable financial and tutoring support. The online tutoring system at this college exists for more than twenty years. The students can choose between 24 various fields (BA degrees available in liberal arts, social and physical sciences, and humanities). The personal online tutors lead the students all the way through the educational process, starting from the application and finishing with a diploma. Together, a student and coach may create an individual degree-fulfillment plan.

UMass Online is another platform where distant learners can get their degrees. The top-demanded program here is Masters of Business Administration (MBA). This major guarantees exciting internships and well-paid first jobs. Currently, UMass offers 113 programs for remote learners. Some students that study in this college combine traditional education with digital one. UMass suggests 12 mixed programs for such cases. Two other popular degrees in this college include Doctorate of Nursing and MA of Public Health.

One more traditional college that offers an online education in addition to physical schools is The George Washington University, one of the most outdated but still relevant and respected establishment. Today, students may choose between 90 majors to take on the internet. One can apply for bachelors and master’s degrees or simply pick one of the 41 certificates in narrow fields of study. The preferences of the local students are education and liberal arts, as well as medicine and business & management.

During the last few years, The University of Missouri has invested plenty of money and efforts in its online college. This institution with the Canvas learning management system is attended by 30,000+ learners annually. The college is known for its journalism school, which is the first one in the United States. Thus, most degrees relate to writing. One can become a skilled copywriter or novel author after attending the online courses offered by The University of Missouri. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education has accredited the healthcare program.

One more interesting option is the University of Oklahoma, which specializes mostly in such areas as culture, religion, criminal justice, lifespan, management, liberal arts, and healthcare. The college operates by an accelerated paced schedule. The programs that one can take online are offered by the same professors who teach them in physical institution. The college greatly develops such skills as critical thinking, writing, comprehension, analysis, and research. It’s possible to team up with a tutor to generate personal study plan.

You might have heard about the Golden Gate University. Not only young learners but professionals choose to pursue one of its online degrees. The college is famous for teaching subjects related to finance and economy, such as public administration, business, management, marketing, statistics, entrepreneurship, accounting, and taxation. It is possible to mix different classes and get enrolled in combination of programs. The tutor will spend some time with you to come up with an effective learning schedule.

The University of Texas Permian Basin can be of an interest to students who are interested in studying psychology, business, communications, kinesiology, criminology, etc. It may remind you more of some research center or library database. Students can decide among 26 majors offered by the UT Permian Basin online. It’s possible to graduate in a couple of months if you choose to pass courses remotely. Distant students receive access to all resources of the physical college.