10 Cheapest Online Colleges

Great Basin College is a state-funded school, and it is physically located in Nevada. Currently, 3,400 pupil study there. The educational institution is accredited by the NWCCU. Students can apply for up to thirteen associate degrees, seven BA degrees, and ten certificate programs. Those are the options for people who have no opportunity to attend the college physically. The programs that one can take fully on the web include Associates of Arts, Business, English, Social Science, Applied Science, Graphic Communications, Nursing, and Early Childhood Education.

Golden Gate University is focused on getting students ready for the professional careers in one of the four available areas. Those are public administration, business, accounting & finance, and taxation. Upon admission, traditional or online, every student will get help with the development of individual study plan to hit the academic goals more effectively. The learners can come up with mixed programs by combining various courses. This college suits those who are interested in supply chain management, marketing, and international business.
Western Governors University is a private college with the tuition of $6070. More than 70,000 of students can get enrolled, including the distant learners. The physical location is in Utah’s Salt Lake City. 77% of the local pupils share that they achieve significant career enhancement after obtaining a major from the online version of this college, also known as WGU, and accredited by NWCCU. More than 70% of users who studied there leave positive feedback. The admission rate is 100% here, which opens the doors to everyone with the passion for studying.
Oklahoma State University decided to add an online program as well. The college currently has 25,000+ learners enrolled. Earlier, the uni was basically known for its athletic team, but now it is also appreciated for allowing students to earn a degree remotely. The BA degrees that one can get online guarantee flexibility and plenty of free time. No student debt is required in most cases. The robust financial aid program is available for both on-campus and distant students. The most demanded programs include criminal justice, lifespan, medical care, liberal arts, etc.
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University: This university is not a traditional online college but with the specific focus. Also known as ERAU, this educational institution is concentrated more on academics and precise sciences than liberal arts. The most popular degrees are associated with aeronautics. Remote students might also be interested in the local tech and engineering/construction majors. To get started, it is enough to utilize the simple internal system known as ERAU’s modern online portal for education. It’s possible to obtain B.S. degrees in Homeland Security or Aviation Maintenance Science.
Foothill College is another interesting option, and it recruits around 200 tutors, most of whom do both traditional and remote classes. The American Institute of Architects has rewarded this college for multiple achievements. Out of 13,000 learners, most of the students prefer attending small to average-sized classes that are available in an online regime. The size of such group is less than 30 pupils. The system allows joining and studying through video conferences, lesson playbacks, webcam integration, online quizzes, discussion boards, chat rooms, and more.
At $6260, one may join UT Permian Basin. It is more like a research institution for public than a private college, but it provides students with valuable knowledge and online degrees. The full name for this establishment is The University of Texas Permian Basin. It suggests 26 degrees, and some of them take just eight weeks (two months) to complete. The online college offers access to archives and databases from the libraries, learning and research centers, labs, and recreational resources. The possible programs include Psychology, Business, Communications, Kinesiology, Criminology, etc.
University of South Florida has plenty of online majors to offer. All in all, 4,500 students study in this college today. It is possible to choose between forty graduate and undergraduate programs. You can choose between complete programs and partial. The most demanded online courses include those in criminal justice, cybersecurity, IT, education, and hospitality management. 80% of all students can count on financial support from the university. Remote students also have access to the Culinary Innovation Lab and Mote Marine Lab.
Oregon State University requires only $208 per credit hour if you choose one of its online programs. They mostly focus on providing students with BA degrees. The college has an exclusive Exploratory Studies Program for young people who have some doubts regarding the fields that suit them. They will be able to pass tests and choose from economics (both macro- and micro-), rangeland science, sustainability, horticulture, and many others. Most of the classes are asynchronous, meaning that the programs fit busy or working students perfectly.
American Public University offers an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge remotely for just $6880. This commercial educational organization has 6 schools. It is an academic shelter for more than 98,000 students. 84% of the graduated students reported an enhanced career thanks to the degree from this college, also called APU. The university proposes more than one hundred degrees that most learners can afford. The programs include Military History, Engineering and Construction, Reverse Logistics, Space Studies, and more.